Car crime – there have been a number of

Car crime – there have been a number of car break ins and thefts recently. If you consider that there are any suspicious persons in your area and want to check out their license plates, please email PC Pete Trice, a police constable on the Frog and Fitz Safer Neighbourhood Team, with the number plate details. He can run it through the Met’s system in a couple of minutes and let you know if this is something to be concerned about. His email address is:


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The Ole White Bear – great news! Plannin

The Ole White Bear – great news! Planning permission to turn it into a 6 bedroom residence has been refused. Please see the flier attached.

But, this is not the end of the story. In order to ensure that refusal remains permanent, Camden need to hear from us by 10 March that the Article 4 directions which it has imposed to ensure that any future application to turn it into a residence is the subject of planning permission, please read the first flier and write the email to Camden as shown in that email.

You will see that the Ole White Bear got Asset in the Community Status. That means that if ever the new owners want to sell the pub, they have to give the community 6 months to come up with funds to buy the property.

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Valentine’s Day Meat Naturally Cook a di

Valentine’s Day Meat Naturally
Cook a dish for the one you love
Over Valentine weekend we will give you 10% off the price of any of our Scotch Beef Steaks, when you purchase 2 steaks or more

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Crime – please see a note below from a m

Crime – please see a note below from a member of the community

Dear Neighbours

I wanted to let you know about an incident that occurred last night, please forward this information to the rest of our neighbours.

At about 10.30pm on Sat 25th my daughters friends father was coming to collect her from our house. He double parked outside our house and called her from his mobile phone to come out. Two men on a motorbike, who had followed him up Chesterford Gardens, took out a mallet and proceeded to smash his window. He quickly drove up the road and was followed -the two men then sped away down Redington Rd.

He called 999 and the police came promptly. Apparently this ‘gang’ follow people in smart cars in order to steal their Rolex watches. They are after posh watches and not cars.

The police are already aware of other similar local incidents.

Please be vigilant when walking around and getting into and out of your cars.

I asked our Sergeant for the Safer Neighbourhood Team for Frognal and Fitzjohns Ward and Hampstead Town Ward what advice he would give to anyone who suspects they are being followed by two men on a motorbike on their way home and he mentioned the following:

I would advise them to call 999, and make their way to a police station – as it’s 24 hour, Kentish Town is probably best, but West Hampstead will generally have officers inside from 0700-2300 hours – it’s likely that, if a potential victim were to stop outside a police station, the suspects will abort their plan.

West Hampstead is:
West Hampstead Police Station
21 Fortune Green Road

Kentish Town is:
Kentish Town Police Station
12A Holmes Road

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Valentine’s Day Specials and Last place

Valentine’s Day Specials and Last places for this week’s Wine Evening..

Valentines Day for meat lovers, or meaty lovers

Our love of tenderloin is a tale of the growling groin. Red meat pumps the male body full of testosterone – the hormone responsible for stoking the coals of sex and aggression – this much we know. But there’s more to red meat than that. A steak will also fill the body with the recommended daily fill of iron and zinc – a lack of either has been linked to a loss of libido in both men and women.

A steak meal also boasts minerals and amino acids, which helps the body produce key neurotransmitters strongly linked to sexual energy, lending a helping hand with the body’s nitric oxide production – one of the main instigators of an erection.

Too much information? What are we to learn from this? Why stop at breakfast in bed? Have a steak in bed as well!

As always, we aim to serve the very real needs of our customers and this Valentine’s Day we’ve put together a range of gifts both for him and for her (and any combination thereof) including our Champagne and Caviar gift hamper.

We have Champagne (French & English), chocolates, caviar and stunning wines for your romantic celebrations and we deliver throughout NW3 free of charge and elsewhere in the UK too.

Last places for this week’s Persian Food and European Wine Evening

We have just a few places left for what will be one of the finest culinary experiences our guests will enjoy this year. You’ll need to book quickly if you’d like to join in.

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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is winking at us from ’round the corner. You’ll probably have more important things to think about on the day itself (like who are all those roses from??!), so decide which of our seductive supper menus takes your fancy and order everything you need now.

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cont… See from pages 61 to 68 of the n


See from pages 61 to 68 of the non-technical summary of the consultation below:

and in more detail from paragraph 2.2.5 of page 13 and in paragraph 12 in:

and in paragraphs 4, 5 and 12 of:

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HS2 – a three letter word which has the

HS2 – a three letter word which has the potential for the most devastating long term disruption in Hampstead seen for decades. It is likely to touch the lives of every resident in Hampstead and the surrounding areas.

You will recall that HS2 is a £50bn nod to a 20 min faster journey from London to Birmingham. This new railway line is set to cause disruption and distress to thousands as homes are commandeered by the government and road closures cause traffic chaos.

While the debate rumbled on, as it affected other parts of London and the UK, I had only half an ear attuned to the issues.

It was brought to my attention by the Heath and Hampstead Society that this issue is set potentially to enter the heart of Hampstead. In the 50,000 page report on this project, which was studied more closely by a member of the Society than me, it seems that there are no restrictions preventing lorries diverting from the routes set out in the consultation in the event of traffic jams along those routes and coming up through Hampstead.

That means potentially that waste will come up over Hampstead High Street and up Heath Street with what looks to be 100 Heavy Goods Vehicles (“HGVs”) travelling each way every day making this journey.

This journey is potentially going to occur because up to 8 bridges are to be replaced or substantially rebuilt between Kings Cross, St Pancras and Chalk Farm. In addition, Adelaide Road, which is at the bottom of Chalk Farm, is scheduled to close during the works because a vent for the new tunnel is being erected there.

As a result of the HS2 project, closure of main roads and many road diversions in the Chalk Farm/Camden Town and Kings Cross/St Pancras area will make travel from Hampstead to the City, West End and beyond difficult for 9-10 years.

Apart from that chaos, the effects of the juggernauts travelling through Hampstead are:

· Significant damage to the foundations of Heath Street especially (with its potential collapse) and the buildings along its length

· School run chaos and traffic chaos generally

· Potential impact on local traders, many of whom are already in a financially difficult situation

· Likely impact on access (including Accident and Emergency access) to the Royal Free Hospital

· Air and noise pollution

I have joined with the Heath and Hampstead Society to campaign against HS2. We are calling on the government either to:

· cancel the project, or

· if it does go ahead, to prevent the expected large numbers of HGVs going through Hampstead village.

We have sought clarification from the HS2 contractors and Camden Council that this will not happen but we have not yet heard. In order to ensure that those clarifications and, where necessary, effective restrictions, are forthcoming and that Hampstead village is spared potential irreversible trauma, I am working with the Heath and Hampstead Society to do the following:

1. set up an online petition (which contains a letter to the Prime Minister) is at:

Please sign and pass to all of your friends and anyone who may be interested in this issue to sign.

2. Hand delivering to Downing Street this petition with representatives of the Heath and Hampstead Society on 24 February, 2014.

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION. Your urgent support is needed. Please sign the petition before 23 February, 2014. The consultation closes on 27 February 2014.

If you are interested, below are references to find some key issues – though not – we believe – many of the likely effects (or any alternatives):

See from pages 61 to 68 of the non-technical summary of the consultation below:

and in more detail from…

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And here is the reverse of the crawl map

And here is the reverse of the crawl map

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Shopping crawl for December to 10 Januar

Shopping crawl for December to 10 January, 2013

– As you know, at least 70p spent on the high street is recirculated in the local economy. That is why I have organised a shopping crawl from 2 Dec – 10 Jan 2014. Please see the attached which is aimed at our kids. If they get 5 stickers on the map, they can go to Mani’s on Perrins Court (just down from Ginger & White) for a chocolate and lollipop.

For mums and dads going around with them, if you complete your details on the rear of the form and leave the form with Mani’s, you will be entered for the prize draw after 10 January for any of the prizes shown on the inside page.

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